Truly, a lot of things have changed over time. However, the reality that people need help remains constant. At Genesis Outreach, we continue to develop in order to best meet the needs of those whom we serve.

Genesis Outreach, Inc. was established by Christ Temple Apostolic Church in 1988 and grew out of the minority community in response to its chemically dependent population. At the time, there was increased drug usage and addiction among minority groups, yet most addiction recovery programs and providers were located in communities outside of the inner-city and/or in areas physically unobtainable by a great number of addicts needing assistance in overcoming their addictions.

Thus, it was the decision of the founding members to locate the program in the heart of the inner-city of Fort Wayne. In 1992, Genesis House became the first transitional facility based in the minority community, operated and managed by a minority staff. It was determined that in order to achieve a desired trust and “comfort level” within the community, services must be located in the area of its predominant clientele.

In 2002, Genesis Outreach became a state and locally certified community housing development organization providing various forms of affordable housing and wrap-around support services for individuals and families who are most in need in Northeast Indiana. This has accounted for massive growth in the numbers of persons served and reached annually.

Your donation furthers our mission to help people in our community obtain some resources that will help them out of their difficult circumstances.