Promising Partnerships

Permanent Supportive Housing

Through the Promising Partnerships program, Genesis Outreach, Inc. provides permanent supportive housing for chronically homeless families and individuals whom, except for housing, would not receive supportive services, and except for support services, would not remain housed. Program participants become self-sufficient while gaining stability, economic empowerment, and enhanced community development and neighborhood impact. Success is measured by increasing income and maintaining housing for 12 months without experiencing future episodes of homelessness.

If you are in some type of homeless situation and have low- to no income, please download and complete our housing application.

This housing program is for both single adults and families. Along with a completed application, please submit all the applicable paperwork and documentation that is listed on the last page of the application.

Permanent Housing Application

Other Services

We provide both transitional and permanent housing for individuals and families in need who meet the criteria to participate. Our housing programs provide much stability for those we serve.

We help those we serve through individual case management based in problem identification, goal setting, and achievement of goals. No two people are identical; our staff caters to individuals’ specific needs.

Due to the instability generally associated with persons and families who are homeless, program participants often need to relearn basic life skills, such as cooking, cleaning, financial management, hygiene, and personal responsibility.

It is not necessarily the amount of money that determines one’s financial stability, rather, it is responsible management of the resources available. We offer classes and material to help our clients learn to budget and spend their money appropriately according to their circumstance.

Offering in-house counseling from a trained professional is one of the many services we can provide our residents.
We want to do all we can to help our clients become equipped to be productive members of society and enjoy what they do. Providing opportunities for them to learn job skills, obtain employment, and keep employment is something we believe is important.
Each resident is obligated to attend on and off-site support group meetings on a daily basis. Residents must also select a support group sponsor (mentor) of their choice to work with in learning the 12 Step Process.

We are strong supporters of family and strive to do all we can to foster loving and meaningful relationships between the individuals we serve and their family members. We also walk with people through any court related circumstances that revolve around a person and his or her family.

Your donation furthers our mission to help people in our community obtain some resources that will help them out of their difficult circumstances.